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Amazon Prime Supported TV

TV’s that support Amazon Prime Instant Video

If you are in the market for a new TV and don’t want to mess around with a Chromecast, buying a TV that is already capable of streaming Amazon Instant Video is a smart decision. Below is a list of a few different TV sets that allow you to stream...

chromecast 2

Google Chromecast and Amazon Prime

Google’s Chromecast has been all the rage lately.  The Chromecast was launched back in July of 2013 and was sold exclusively on the Google Play store.  The Chromecast is now available on for $35 and ships free with the economy shipping.  The Chromecast is a little dongle that plugs...

Uninstall Silverlight 18

How to disable and uninstall Microsoft Silverlight

If you experiencing an issue casting your Google Chrome browser tab to your Chromecast, you may want to try and uninstall Silverlight.  Doing this will enable your PC to watch Amazon Instant Prime videos using Adobe Flash.  There are a few things you can try before forcing Silverlight off of...