Share your PC’s desktop to your Chromecast

One of the hidden features of the Google Cast extension for Chrome is the ability to cast your entire desktop to a Chromecast.  If you can find this feature in the Google cast extension, it’s very easy to do.  You should note that this feature is still experimental and is not without its faults.  In my experience, sharing your computers desktop to your Chromecast was somewhat choppy.  I would only use this feature if you were trying to show a presentation to a group of people, or display pictures on your PC to show your friends.  Below are a few simple steps to show you how to get this set up.

1) Install Google Chrome and the Google Cast extension.

For those of you who aren’t using Google Chrome, you can download the browser from here.  Once you have this installed on your PC or Mac, head over to this link to install the Google Cast Extension.  Simply click the +Free button to install the Google Cast extension.

Install Google Cast


Once the Google Cast extension is installed, a toaster notification will pop up letting you know that the extension has been added to Chrome.

Google Cast Toaster


2.) Start sharing your desktop to your Chromecast

Now the fun begins.  Click the cast icon like you are going to cast something to your Chromecast. The next part is easy to miss.  You will need to click the little down arrow in the upper left hand corner of the window, then simply click the option for “cast entire screen (experimental)”.  Once you click this, you will have the option to choose which Chromecast device you want to cast your desktop to.  As soon as you choose your Chromecast, your PC’s desktop will start showing on your TV.

Cast desktop to Chromecast

If you are only interested in casting your Chrome browser tab, or casting audio, choose one of the other two options.


3.) Choose your Chromecast

Simply choose the Chromecast you want to cast to

Select Chromecast


4.) Give permission to cast

Click yes to allow your PC to cast your desktop to your Chromecast

Allow Desktop Casting


How to stop casting your desktop to your Chromecast

There are two ways to stop casting your desktop.  Click the cast icon in the upper right corner of Chrome then click the stop casting link.  The second option is to click the stop casting link at the bottom of the Chrome web browser.

Stop casting Chrome

Stop casting Chrome 2


Please leave any questions or comments that you may have below in the comments!  Don’t forget to +1 or share this page if you have found it useful.

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