PNY Memory products up to 60% off, 3 port charger for $9.99


PNY memory products are today’s deal of the day on  Save up to 60% on SD Cards, flash drives, and powerbanks.  You can get a “Turbo Performance” 32GB card for as little as $9.99.  If you need more, 64GB cards are $18.99 and 128GB cards are $39.99.


Also on sale are Tronsmart 5-port and 3-port quick charge 2.0 wall chargers.  You can grab a 5-port charger for $27.99 or a 3 port for $9.99.  In order to get these prices, please use the following codes when checking out.

To shave $10 off the 5-port Desktop Hub, use code “53E8EJCI” at checkout.

To shave $10 off the 3-port Wall Charger, use code “2ECBRH5G” at checkout.

PNY Memory | Tronsmart 5-port | Tronsmart 3-port

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