New Chromecast on the way?

Rumor has it that Google will be launching the second generation of the Chromecast on September 29th.  According to the rumors, the device might have a better WiFi connection by supporting the 802.11ac band.  Google is also going to change the size and shape of the device.  It will apparently have a balloon like shape and be available in three different colors, yellow, black, and red.  Another rumored feature is something called “Fast Play”.  This feature will allow the Chromecast to connect to your TV much faster.  We assume they mean that the Chromecast will boot up much faster.

In addition to the features listed above, Google is supposedly giving Chromecast users the option to plug the device directly into a speaker using a cord.  This will allow users to Chromecast their favorite internet radio service right to a pair of stand alone speakers.  All of these features sound like welcome additions to the original Chromecast.  We only have 11 more days until the rumored launch.



source 9to5google

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